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All-in-one Pinterest scheduler to grow your brand

You are either getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, or you need a Pinterest scheduler like RecurPost.

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Pinterest post scheduler for images

Effectively Create, Schedule, and Post Pinterest Pins

Schedule Pinterest Posts in Advance to Get More Traffic

RecurPost is the most convenient Pinterest scheduling tool to schedule Pins out there. 

You can attach pictures and videos to your Pinterest Pins and post them right away or schedule them for later.

We are not any Pinterest scheduling app, but we are made for busy people like you. Our Pinterest scheduler interface is similar to the native Pinterest interface. 

Pinterest Post Scheduler with In-built Customization

Create Optimized Pinterest Pins with our Pinterest scheduler

Scheduling a Pin should not be rocket science. We give you the tools to become a pro in no time.

You connect your Pinterest account and pick the boards where you want to post.

Pick a title and a destination link, and add your commentary in the description to attract visitors to your website.

You can share the same content without Pinterest customizations on other social platforms simultaneously.

schedule pins to optimize content

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

Pinterest scheduler with AI

We Engage Visitors when They are Online

Our AI-based scheduler can schedule your pins for the best time

Our AI-based Pinterest scheduler can suggest the best time when you schedule your pins. We constantly look at your board’s history to find the optimal time to post.

Choosing is hard; we give you a choice not to choose. We are only talking about the time to post.

Our users see 45% more responses when they schedule Pinterest pins as per our AI-based best time.

Schedule Pinterest Pins with Bulk Upload

Schedule Pins for an entire month in minutes!

Schedule your pins by importing them in bulk via a CSV, from a Google Sheet, or using our intuitive uploading interface.

Create a library for each board and set a frequency for that library. RecurPost will schedule your pins automatically forever.

Once we have shared all of the Pins from that library, we will start at the top of the library again. Your queue will never be empty with our Pinterest scheduler.

schedule pinterest pins for bulk upload
schedule pins to divert followers to website

Gain New Followers and Drive Them to Your Website

Add destination links in your Pins to guide your visitors from Pinterest to your website.

You don’t simply want people to save your pins. You want them to visit your website.

RecurPost’s Pinterest scheduler makes it easy to make your links the highlight of your pin to increase your click-through ratio.

Your consistency in scheduling Pinterest pins will bring more people to your boards, and we will make sure they convert into website visitors.  

Get your team onboard your boards!

Invite your team members to manage your Pinterest boards

Delegation is essential as you can only do some things yourself.

Our delegate and control feature allows you to delegate your work to your team members.

You still control who has access to which Pinterest boards and what content they schedule there.

pinterest scheduler to onboard team
Pinterest multiple boards

Have Multiple Boards to Manage? No Problem!

Schedule pins on multiple boards with RecurPost’s Pinterest scheduler

Managing multiple Pinterest boards can be a time-consuming task, but with RecurPost, it becomes a breeze.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly navigate and organize all your Pinterest boards in one place. Whether you have two boards or twenty, you can easily switch between them without any hassle.

You can schedule and post pins to different boards simultaneously, saving you precious time and effort. Our intuitive Pinterest scheduler makes it simple to select the boards where you want your pins to be published.

Additionally, you can customize each pin according to the specific board’s theme, audience, or niche. Tailoring your content to different boards helps you maintain a consistent brand presence while catering to the unique interests of your followers.

Check out RecurPost’s Pinterest scheduler now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to schedule Pinterest posts is by choosing the right Pinterest scheduling tool, such as RecurPost. You can start by logging in, and then you will see the option “add social accounts.” Once you click on the same, you will see different social media platform choices; connect on the Pinterest board and log in to your accounts. You can now schedule pins easily through RecurPost.

Pinterest offers a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your Pins upto two weeks in advance. So, start uploading your Pin where you see the “+” sign in the builder tool. Post that select “publish at a later date.” All you have to do is pick a date and time for your Pin to get published.

On RecurPost, you can easily see your scheduled pins on the section titled “recurring posts.” You can easily make edits as per your choice in your pins in this section.

Open Recurring post and you can edit your desired post according to your preference! Once you edit the Pin, simply, save it, and it will get published on the day you want it to be.

RecurPost is considered one of the best Pinterest schedulers, thanks to its wide range of features such as scheduling pins with website links, tracking performance, collaboration features with team members, and more.

The best days to post to Pinterest are Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays from 2 PM to 9 PM.

One way to automate your presence on Pinterest is by utilizing RecurPost – a social media management tool. It allows for scheduled posting of pins with website URLs, bulk uploading of pins, performance reports, and more, making the scheduling process more streamlined and efficient.

Using the native Pinterest scheduler, you can schedule only one pin at a time. To bulk schedule pins, you can use a Pinterest scheduler like RecurPost.

Pinterest scheduling is the process of planning and automating the posting of pins on Pinterest at specific times to maximize reach and engagement.

To create a schedule on Pinterest, you can use a Pinterest scheduling tool or platform like RecurPost that allows you to plan and automate the timing and frequency of your pin postings.

Posting every day on Pinterest can help maintain a consistent presence, increase engagement, and reach a wider audience, but it ultimately depends on your content strategy and resources.

You can get paid on Pinterest by leveraging the platform to drive traffic to your website or blog, where you can monetize through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling products/services.