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Social Media Campaign Proposal

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Why Use RecurPost’s Social Media Campaign Generator?

RecurPost's Social Media Campaign Proposal Generator is here to transform your marketing proposal process. Free your mind from the tedious aspects of proposal writing and unlock the potential of automated creation in the sales funnel process.


Quickly analyze data and generate custom proposals for each client and speed up the creation process.


Tailored-made proposals for targeted clients increases the conversion rates, impacting profit and ROIs.


Maintains a uniform tone and style, which is crucial to leave an impact on prospective clients.

Data-Driven Insights

Includes real-time analytical insights for leading targeted campaigns.


Reduces stress on human power and allows them to focus on creative things.

Trend Analysis

Identifies and incorporates latest trends to keep campaigns relevant and timely.

How to Use Social Media Campaign Proposal Generator?

The Social Media Campaign Generator simplifies the task of crafting appealing marketing proposals for your clients. Take support of our user-friendly tool to design customized proposals for targeted clients, ultimately saving time and resources.

Firstly, understand what to feed in every section to get accurate results.

1. Executive Summary

Sum up the purpose of the proposal and its aims. Emphasis on the unique approach your digital marketing agency will take and the expected outcomes for the client’s social media presence.

2. Client’s Overview

The status quo of the client’s business, including industry, audience, and current social media reach, is needed to understand the need for the proposed campaign.

3. Social Marketing Goals & Objectives

Detect specific goals and social media campaign objectives. Use the SMART strategy for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.

4. Proposed Strategy

4.1 Target Audience

Address who the campaign will target based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.

4.2 Platforms

Explain which social media platforms will be included and the reason behind choosing them based on the target audience and business goals.

4.3 Content Strategy

Elaborate content specification as a part of content creation (e.g., videos, blogs, infographics, images), including themes and messages.

4.4 Posting Schedule

Show a vague schedule for posting content, including frequency and timing for consideration. You can design the following table to meet a client’s requirements.

4.5 Engagement Strategy

Explain how you plan to engage with users and build interaction, including community management practices.

5. Metrics and Analytics

Prepare a list of metrics, such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and ROI to measure the growth and success of the campaign.

6. Budget

Specify Campaign budget – breakdown content creation, ad expenditure, reporting & management tool subscriptions, and any other relevant costs.

7. Timeline

Provide a timeline for the campaign with key milestones and phases. Use this table to create a monthly and yearly social timetable.

8. Proof of Work

Demonstrate your agency’s competence in marketing services by including success in similar campaigns with brief case studies and testimonials or showcasing your previous work.

9. Terms of Agreement

Draw the contractual terms and conditions, indicating payment terms, project deliverables, and legal considerations.

10. Next Steps

Explain to clients about the procedure to move ahead if they decide to approve the proposal. Include contact information and any actions they wish to take.

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