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How Libra Season 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Eclipse season is back, baby.
STYLECASTER | How Libra Season 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign
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Are you ready to find your balance? As Libra season approaches, this will be the perfect time to reflect on what harmony means to you. The beginning of fall coincides with new opportunities to initiate peace, justice and reciprocity. Not to mention that this is also the beginning of cuffing season thanks Libra season’s Venusian undertone! Here’s how Libra season will affect each zodiac sign during 2023, because this will be the perfect time to instill balance in our lives. 

Now that the hectic energy of Virgo season has subsided, a desire for serenity will rise as the sun enters Libra on September 23 at 2:49 a.m. ET. Traditionally, the fall equinox occurs when the sun enters Libra since this change of season marks the end of the harvest season. Expressing gratitude for the abundance in your life will be an excellent way to celebrate the beginning of fall and Libra season. 

As the post-shadow period for last month’s Mercury retrograde continues, there will be a chance to revisit old beliefs, hopes and plans when Mercury in Virgo trines Jupiter retrograde in Taurus on September 25. The earthy trine encourages steadfast reflection on what may shape your journey and where it will lead. Luckily, this may indicate a return to a more positive outlook!

Days later, a self-focused cycle will conclude during the full moon in Aries on September 29 which will occur at 6 degrees. An underlying emphasis to embrace changes in your commitment to joy and pleasure even if it means focusing on yourself over another will arise since Venus in Leo will also square Uranus retrograde in Taurus during the lunation. Prioritizing yourself might even be an unexpected yet calculated change!

By the end of September, taking in new information won’t be so jarring when Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus on September 30. Synthesizing different outlooks, unique opinions and unexpected turns in conversations will be radically easier to do during this harmonious trine.

At the beginning of October, a fated chance for commitment may occur when Venus in Leo forms a trine with the North Node in Aries on October 2. Creativity and sensuality will surge during this promiscuous transit! For some, this could be an excellent opportunity to pursue a passion project. For others, taking a leap of faith in love can be done with unadulterated confidence.

Later on, the vibe will change in conversation when Mercury enters Libra on October 4. The balanced cosmic messenger will encourage us to be more considerate in conversation and even step in as a devil’s advocate if needed. However, making decisions might be exceptionally challenging since Mars in Libra will also oppose the North Node in Aries on the same day. Weigh the pros and cons before committing to a course of action between both transits.

Matters of the heart will also take a turn when Venus enters Virgo on October 8. Although Venus isn’t considered to be particularly strong in Virgo, this transit could encourage us to be precise in love and with money. The catch-22 is not overanalyzing opportunities for romance and abundance. A rather immediate opportunity to adjust the structure of your commitments and relationships may pop up when Venus opposes Saturn retrograde on October 10. However, you have to own your authority during this opposition to confidently stand by your boundaries and expectations!

Aside from the Venus-Saturn retrograde opposition, Pluto will also station direct in Capricorn on October 10 which will occur at 27 degrees. After a few months of reflection, tiny but mighty Pluto can transform structured institutions for the better while overthrowing any inappropriate displays of power.

Prepare for a surge of intensity when Mars enters Scorpio on October 12. Now that Mars is domicile, it will be much easier to act while feeling empowered and sexually confident. Pensive Mars in Scorpio will encourage us to be strategic since Mars in Scorpio will only want to strike once. A chance to assume more power and control will occur when Mars trines Saturn retrograde in Pisces on October 13.

A new fated yet unpredictable cycle will begin during the new moon annular solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 which will occur at 21 degrees. Since eclipses can have a “Russian roulette” effect, it might be best to hold back from manifesting or setting intentions. Whatever occurs throughout this six-month cycle will be considered destined, so try to lean into Libra’s peaceful, harmonious energy to remain grounded.

Balancing your needs alongside your relationships and commitments won’t be easy when the sun in Libra opposes the North Node in Aries—and forms a conjunction with the South Node in Libra—on October 18. However, a clarifying conversation that sets forth boundaries and expectations can occur when the sun in Libra conjuncts Mercury in Libra on October 20. Between both transits, there could be a chance to find common ground so that everyone is happy.

Libra season begins on September 23 at 2:50 a.m. ET and ends on October 23.

Everyone will have something to say when Mercury in Libra tensely squares Pluto in Capricorn on October 20. Communicate struggles may ensue, especially since everyone will want to assert themselves to be heard. Don’t be surprised if some ego clashes occur the following day since the typically harmonious sun in Libra will square volatile Pluto in Capricorn. Try your best to keep your cool in aggravating interactions and conversations during these squares.

Sharing sneaky feelings and secrets will become the new norm in conversation once Mercury enters Scorpio on October 22. The cosmic messenger will be ready to explore the hidden, unknown, and taboo. Be prepared for anything to come to light!

Hopefully, all proposed commitments and relationships will be secured by the time Libra season ends when the sun enters Scorpio on October 23 at 12:20 p.m. ET. Just as we find our balance with our arrangements, the intensity of Scorpio season will begin to rev up as we plunge into the depths of who and what we have committed to.

Here’s what you can expect from Libra season, according your sun and/or rising sign (and seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t read these horoscopes for your rising sign):

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